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Viral Empire presents our new 2016 Killer Clown Sightings Compilation! This video features the rarest and best scary clown pranks caught on camera! Watch if you want to see creepy clowns scaring people in the woods at night. Should we go clown hunting and beat down these clowns scaring people? Here are the best clowns caught on camera.

Ever wondered how it feels to be chased by a killer clown? Well, you can find out now by watching this scary clown prank video. We have scoured through hundreds of creepy clown videos online to compile the absolute best and horrifying clown sightings in the usa, phillipines and the world.

These crazy clowns caught on tape are unreal and super scary! This looks like a creepy clown killer movie in real life!

Clown sightings included in this video:

1. Clown spotted at cornfield and chases car
2. We on dat ass boy. Creepy clown dressed in black makes crazy sounds and then chased by african american group.
3. Man goes fishing at night and meets a mysterious clown at the river in the forest.
4. Friends drive past a carwash and sees a scary clown waving back at them .
5. Creepy clown with balloons offering free hugs near the carpark.
6. Boy chased by scary killer clown hiding in the woods. He runs away in fright.
7. Clown riding a glowing hoverboard smiling creepily at passer by's
8. Woman chased by crazy clown in the woods.
9. Kids playing pokemon go at night bumps into a killer clown instead!
10. Guy finds clown dressed in a hoodie in his backyard jumping on a tramboline and does a backflip before chasing them down.
11. Crazy clown walking around on a bridge at the early hours of the morning spots two joggers and stats chasing them with a knife.
12. Two guys in the car at night spots a horror halloween clown at the side of the road. The clown then takes out a chainsaw and walks towards them before they scream and escape.
13. Clowns dressed like the purge stands in front of house and stares eerily into the cctv camera. He then tilts his head and then proceeds to hollow out a pumpkin with a freaky stare!

Due to these dangerous killer clowns being on the news around the world, people are terrified by these insane kids dressing up as clowns to prank and scare people. A killer clown in the woods at night scaring people is the perfect recipe for a scare prank gone wrong. Some clowns even break into house and try to steal things and stalk people! These clowns might even breaks in house and the clown chases kids are really bad. About time a killer clown caught for scaring children and you should beat up a clown and upload a vlog about it!.

Be warned. This video is not for the faint heart or people scared
of clowns. This video contains disturbing images of creepy clowns
dressed up and chasing people, carrying weapons and in some cases even hurting people. This is much worse than Halloween so
prepare for a fright. This type of scare prank needs to be stopped.
Spread the word so people know about these idiots and maybe they need to run these clowns over with a car. These idiots wearing clown costume need to be stopped! Dads everywhere should start searching for clowns, in the woods even and maybe take them out with a tackle and a punch in the face.

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Thanks for watching our scariest clown sightings, clown sightings compilation, clown hunting, extreme clown prank video.

Love always, Viral Empire.

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