Sexy Summer Beach Body Workout

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Get a flat stomach fast:

Hey y'all,

It's Lindsey and Jonny with insanehomefatloss, and today were going to show you our summer slim abs workout. This workout is going to show you some interesting exercises that will help you get the trim and tight stomach you need to show off for the summer.

Press play and lets do the workout together.

Workout Breakdown:

**Completing all exercise will equal one round // 30 seconds per exercise for 3 rounds.

00:54 V-pushups - Lay on the ground into a pushup position with your feet on paper towels for easy sliding. As you push up from the push up position, lift your butt up towards the ceiling as you reach a standing toe touch stretch.

1:15 Easier version of V-pushups - Do the same motion as the regular expect you will keep your knees bent.

1:34 Jumping Lunges - A lunge is preformed by taking a step and kneeling down. The Jumping lunge is done by hoping on the lunge movement while alternating between left and right leg.

1:38 Easier version of jumping lunges - Remove the hop and just take comfortable alternating steps down.

1:58 Side bends on table - Lean on a stable table with your body weight supported on one arm coming from the side. At that position, you can either do a side leg lift or you can do a side bend to train the side of your abs.

2:15 Pulsating squat jumps - Do a triple pump on the bottom of the squat and hop straight up off the ground for one rep.

2:43 Sumo style pulsating squat jumps - It's just like the regular pulsating squat jumps, except that you will have a much wider stance. The wider stance will help involve the glut muscles more and help you develop a much tighter butt.

I hope this vido serves you well.

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Train Hard,


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